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Anyone ID these marks?

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These are not fancy bits but I would love an ID

1) Is clear crystal with hoops has an acid etched mark S with lines running through it – anyone any ideas?

2) Is a lovely sommerso like bowl with a milky white colour in clear casing – impressed mark three S letters in a motif – again anyone know this maker?



the second one is Sasaki glass, from Japan

Thanks Ivo - I see it in your book - LOL it explains the marks exactly, if only there had been a pic (but then it would be a £50.00 book not £8.00 eh!) - any idea of maker or date - I think maybe 1970s?  :lol:

sorry my Japanese is insufficient to get that sort of information on the table. I don't think it is the hottest item amongst collectors, though - you will probably find more info if you search for sasaki on E-bay.

Oh - LOL it's a £5.00 piece - nice but not in holmegaard or a Murano bit - I have just sold an AVEM dish on eBay for £15.00 - book price £60.00+

No on this it was just the wanting to know  :D


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