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T. Yamamoto ID = Hoya Crystal, Japan

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Does anybody know anything about a glass artist by the name of T. Yamamoto who engraves glass plates?
A piece is for sale on eBay if this helps identify it.
Any information about the manufacturer, place of manufacture and any history would be gratefully received.

I have a Yamamoto plate much like that one, and it's molded, not engraved.  Even so, I'd like to hear about it, too, if anything knows anything.

OK, I have been on the case, done lots of research and come up with the following:

The plates are made by Hoya Crystal, Japan.
They are lead crystal, and although the plate is pressed, the art work is done by hand.
T. Yamamoto was one of their prestigious engravers in the 1980's and I believe he is now deceased.
These plates were part of a series called Hoya Crystal Art Engraving Series: Flowers.  There were several different flowers in the series including pansies, crocus, lillies, gerberas and narcissus.

Some have said that this is part of the Mikasa group, but I can find no substantial evedence for this.

Can anyone add anything to this please?

I looked, but can't find my plate.  I think I may have given it away.

"although the plate is pressed, the art work is done by hand"  What does this mean exactly - that it's engraved?  Can I ask where you got your information?  When I bought the plate (ebay) I thought it might be engraved.  When I got it I examined it very carefully and hopefully, but I couldn't find any evidence of it being engraved.  It also seems unlikely considering the price they fetch.  Yamamoto may have been an engraver, and he may have designed these plates, but wouldn't it be a bit odd to go to the trouble of engraving a piece then use an etched signature?  And why engrave something if you're going to etch over the whole design?

Obviously I need a bit more convincing! ;D


More than just optics, they produce art.  I've seen the Tendence stand some years ago and that was a stunning display of brilliant cut, cast and engraved crystal. And I don't think they are related to Mikasa.


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