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My new Allan Scott paperweight

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After prompting form Ray, here's a couple of pics of my new Allan Scott 'one-off' paperweight, purchased at the Woking Glass Fair yesterday  :D
It's called 'Hanging Basket' and it's actually a double layer of lamp work!
Just look at the detail in the latticcino 'chains'!     :shock:  :D


Very very pretty Leni, it's really feminine.   :D   Is it scored underneath to make that diamond design?  Anyway, I certainly hope you're going to put it out of Lyras way!   :wink:  xx


--- Quote from: "Max" ---Very very pretty Leni, it's really feminine.   :D  
--- End quote ---

Yes, I know it's not your style, Max - *I* do the 'pink & frilly' in the LG's  :lol:

Yes, the base is cut underneath in a diamond pattern.  I've emailed Allan about the weight and I'm hoping he will get back to me with all the info on who did what, when & where!  :oops:   :roll:

This one's definitely going in my cabinet, safe from marauding cats!   :twisted:  But I've been shopping and bought some 'White-Tac' now, so I just need a marathon session of going round the house fastening everything down!  :lol:

Leni  xx

this is my Allan Scott / Harry Mckay paperweight 1 of 1, it's called " amethyst garden 2005 " the glass has a slight amethyst colour to it, it has 12 hollow ground facets to the side and one on top, this came from Allan's personal collection while i was up there, i saw it and thought MMMmmm i like it so i got it

click on image for larger photo

:shock: Wow! Ray!  :shock:

You're just trying to make me feel worse about not getting to Scotland, aren't you?   :x  :(

Leni  :wink:


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