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Dressing table set - ID = Reich 8751 - 8775 - 8776

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Hi again to all members,I am posting this on here on behalf of my parents who purchased this opalescent dressing table set with a lovely rose design.The opalescence is thick and has a lovely gold fire to it when held to the light.Doesnt seem to be a ring holder though.Any help on identifying would be greatly received please.Many thanks.

That is stunning! And one I've not seen before either - I'd love to know who made it.  I take it there are no marks or numbers anywhere on it anywhere?

If memory serves, this is S. Reich & co., probably mid 30s but I don't have any references to hand . Maybe Pamela will recognise it.

Hi again,thanks foe your replies! There are no makers marks or numbers on the pieces as much as we've looked! The opalescence does remind me of a bowl I used to have in opalescent which had heron type birds around the rim which was scalloped and there was some sort of stylized foliage decorating it.I also have an opalescent bowl which is the float bowl that goes with the Reich lady and that too is the same sort of silky opalescence,so could be Reich? Heres a picture of the tray the Design is very raised.

I only read the first two posts before I speculated Reich. I have a jadeite (uranium) grapefruit dish which has an open rose type bowl, similar to the candlesticks, and roses pressed under the saucer rim with similar spiky leaves to the tray. This bowl is exactly the same colour as a Reich Viktoria trinket bowl. (I also have the grapefruit bowl on a metal stand as a sugar bowl in clear and frosted green, and a violet vase also based on the open rose and in clear and frosted green, both uranium)


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