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Dressing table set - ID = Reich 8751 - 8775 - 8776

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Reich was my first impulse too but I can't prove it (yet!)

Reich is the only manufacturer I can think of that did this type of thick opalescence,did Brockwitz do any opalescent pieces-Im not sure as I have seen the Brockwitz nude lady with the peg base in opalescent glass before.I did once own a lovely piece of Reich which was a thick frosted stunning green glass bowl that had detailed foliage on and the 3 feet were modelled as elves/dwarves clinging to circles,which I did a swap with a fellow collector.Have never seen one since! I have also seen a frosted glass bowl that is decorated with bearded men holding ice picks tunnelling through a cavern it was gorgeous and then it had a frog in the middle with 3 dwarves clinging on looking over!!!

quite sure it's Reich
Never understood how they were able to position the boxes and more ;o))

Hello Pamela,thanks for the contribution.That is definately the same tray you have in jade.My mum said the same thing about positioning the boxes as they do seem to "rock" as the design is raised.Its a stunning set and Im so jealous she has it! She has some nice pieces I shouldnt take her to the fairs really as I always seem to let her buy the glass out of chivalry! Haha! We did go to a fair last week together and I managed to buy this bowl/lamp base.

Thanks Pamela, I really should have remembered where I saw the pattern before, of course that jade tray used to live on my sideboard, along with a rather nice little figural soapdish before they went to live in Germany. silly me  ;).



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