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Signature N Orr '68 fox engraved goblet = Norman Orr Edinburgh crystal blank

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I don't think anyone else here really likes engraved glass like me, but maybe someone can help?

I've bought this heavy glass, absolutely exquisitely engraved with a fox and hedgehog, you can see muscle tone on the fox, and every hair on his tail - it's just wonderful!  :D

It's signed 'Nora 68'.  I think it might be by Nora Ortlieb, but I can't find anything much about her - could anyone perhaps say if that's how she signed her glass?  It's a really teeny signature, I don't think I could photo it - sorry.   :(

Here's the pics:


Hi Max,
Little available on-line apart from she studied under Wilhelm von Eiff at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Stuttgart.

Exhibition catalogue has one piece by her illustrated but whether you should consider paying $65?

"Glass of the Avant-Garde: from Vienna Secession to Bauhaus, The Torsten Bröhan Collection from the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid
by Torsten Bröhan and Martin Eidelberg, 2001, Prestel Verlag, New York, NY, 212-995-2720, in association with Exhibitions International, and Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution; 192 pages, English and Spanish, photographs by Angela Bröhan."

Possibly been remaindered.



The book Marcus mentioned has two examples of her signature, One diamond engraved "NORA ORTLIEB" in allcaps along the bottom rim of a glass, which was used on items made at the Kunstgewerbeschule Stuttgart, the other initials N.O. in allcaps which she used on pieces from her own workshop.
There are 4 pieces depicted, all larger items of modernistic design with strikingly stylised decorations. Not really like your fox - which seems to me more traditional.

Marcus, thanks for your help, you got further than I did on the net, thanks for the book reference - I looked and looked and got pretty much nowhere on my own.  xx

Ivo...I was relying on you saying 'Yes, that's Nora Ortlieb'...darn it. The signature doesn't sound the same at all.  Thanks for looking it up for me, I really appreciate it.

This is tip-top engraving (IMHO), can there be another Nora in 1968?  It seems odd to me.   :?

Max can you do some bigger pics, I think it is sandblasted and then engraved - but pic is a bit small.

Did you see my fisherman vase while here? That is sandblasted and copper wheel finished.


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