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Molineaux, Webb - Recent Find

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Pops and Bernard - here are the photos of the opalescent ring.
Full ring
Ring placed alongside the long section


Wow, Steve really is pretty good with that "thingummywatchermacallit".  Thanks, Glen.  That's the one I have seen.  How great would that look sitting in the middle of my display?  AWESOME, I believe!

Hey Pops  :lol:  Yep, Steve's very good with the "thingummywatchermacallit". I'm better with pen and ink :shock:

It's a beautiful piece. Steve reckons we do have a fort somewhere! (In a box, packed, I guess).


I'm fascinated by these... I've never seen them before at all - just the plain type of flower troughs. I had no idea they came as forts... aren't they fun!?  

Bernard said they came in flint and opalescent... were they made in colours as well just out of interest?  Does anyone have a flint one they could show a photo of? The opalescent one is a beauty.


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