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Molineaux, Webb - Recent Find

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Bernard C:
Pops — A similar set I saw a few years back had forts at each end, in between the two curved fortified walls, so that all the way around forts alternated with walls.   I don't think it really matters — it is the condition and completeness of your set that is exceptional.

As a table centre it would have been laid out with perhaps a couple of epergnes in the centre.   ... and I am using the word in its widest sense to mean any ornamental flower or foliage holder.

I've not seen the complete ring, and would welcome a photograph if any kind GMB member could oblige.

Bernard C.  8)

Many thanks, Bernard.  That would be an impressive site, with the epergne in the middle of the display.



Do you have any pieces that I do not have in the set?  Do you by chance have the round piece, or have you ever seen one, or do you know if it's even from the same line?


Pops - yes we have the complete ring (the donut shape). It's gorgeous. I'll ask Steve to take a photo for you and may be tomorrow or Saturday.


PS. Yes it is certainly from the same line - and it's opalescent.

Bernard C:
Glen — Please would you photograph the castellated ring with a fort inside it to give us an idea of scale;  that is if you have a fort handy!

Thanks, Bernard C.  8)

Bernard - sorry, no forts to hand, here in my neck of the woods. (Where's Davy Crocket when you need him, eh?) But I can put the ring alongside the curved piece, which will hopefully help. I'll have to wait for Steve to do the photos as I haven't yet mastered the new digital thingummywatchermacallit that he bought.



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