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Kenneth Scott?


Borders Art Glass Paperweight by Kenneth Scott 2003- I paid £100.00 for this a few years back - it was a  piece Scott did not want to part with but a friend of his and mine persuaded him to sell it to me - its a got the 1/1 on the base and is fully signed - the box is lovely and it comes with a card saying it a one off see JPEG - it weighs 1.4k and is 5.4" high - what do peeps think was it a good buy or is it a just a doorstop :wink:

I cant get light inside it for photo but it's so dramatic with an orange base and controlled bubble twists and blue whip lashing around a central smoke columns with a bubble to centre - there are colours going through this and it never looks the same - the back is semi translucent with Pollock type splashing in every colour

Adam D555

I like it!   :D  

Not sure I would have paid so much for it myself, but I still reckon £100 for a one-off is a very good buy!  :shock:  :D

Thank you Leni  :D

Wow! It's amazing Adam, thanks for sharing this.

I'd have thought £100 for a one-off was a reasonable price personally. :)


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