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Walsh fruit bowl

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This is 'Pompeian' glass, I believe.
It has one burst bubble, which I did because we have used it as a fuit bowl for years. It's 16cm high and a very useful 30cm across. It's one of my favourite pieces of glass.  

Could one of you Walsh enthusiasts please tell me whether it would be difficult to find another and what could I expect to pay?
I have taken it out of service for the time being because the kids are now old enough to be nervous about damageing it!
Thanks Ruth

Bernard is the real expert here on JWW and it's not easy even for him.

I do notice however that your bowl is flourescing wildy under house (?) flourescent (?) lights + I guess the camera flash. That COULD be a positive indication for JWW Pompeian but there's an aweful lot more to it than that.

You should read this thread
Bubbled glass & trailed glass for ID please,1072.0.html
where Bernard explains the some of the difficulties of attributing this glass.

Try this Walsh Walsh thread for some fun too
Bubble Glass Vase,167.0.html
Good luck ! Peter

I based my attribution on this! It is a clear stamp.
I am enjoying the Walsh posts, thanks.
I thought the bowl was 'birefringeant' glass . It looks yellow in dull light and a crazy green in even slight sunlight but am learning that's the uranium getting excited. It must have cartloads of it in it.


Anonymous:,167.0.html and quote

'1b. Early Walsh Pompeian trade samples. Not in the Factory pattern books, these rarities are marked "Walsh". Three are known to me, one of which is illustrated at plate 21 (ii), despite the plate's slightly erroneous caption. My example of this bowl has the distinction of carrying the faintest Walsh mark I have ever found, in fact just the central part - "/als".'

Thanks for that Peter.

I have so enjoyed using it as a fruit bowl for the last 10 years, it meant seeing it and appreciating it all the time. However it may have caused it one broken bubble and one small chip from the foot.Perhaps when I live on my own with 20 cats it can come back into service. Here are some better pics.
I think that it is the real McCoy. Based on the glorious shape and ring, the utterly wild colour it goes in sun and the stamp.
If not it's just as good!


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