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Is this for real....

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Tis seller is based in Perth but I dont believe his story is it vasart?

i vote vasart

He is well known for his 'creative' descriptions, always good for a giggle.

A tip with this one - look at the centre arrangement of canes called a 'stone' if you click on Frank's Website link you will see another link to Ysart stones

You will probably agree many look similar to the stone in this paperweight

Ysart left a lot of these stones behind when he left Caithness (most used up by 1974) - Peter Holmes took over & Willy Manson set such similar stones in some lovely weights (pp16 new Caithness book by C Terris 2nd edition) - I am not saying this is a Caithness by Manson or Holmes, just be wary - for a while I thought this was a Ysart (in mentioned book) - it has a polished flat base as well

They were also used in the Caithness jewellery well after Ysart left - sometimes guys decided to have a go setting them in paperweights - that’s where you have to look at the rest of the weight does it fulfil the promise of the central stone - I think maybe, but I have my doubts with the bubbles, Ysart usually set them so well at the allotted points, these are all over the place - there is other stuff .... but guys like KevH & Frank will inform you better

Unfortunately, I don't normally comment on attributions for active auctions (particularly if I might be thinking about bidding  :!: ).

But I will say that the style of cane in the centre of the offered weight could be found in work by virtually all of the main Scottish makers from the 1930s to the present day. That centre cane, as well as all others, would need to be matched precisely to other known examples in order to draw a conclusion.


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