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Is this for real....

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Don't people here know that this seller is THE world authority on Ysart paperweights?
He says so!
(Such an authority, he did not come to the conference)

How did I know it was him even before I opened the page???

i think he/she is bidding the weights up, they have all sold but have been relisted again

Yes he has one or two that bid on his pieces a lot. But he has gone 'private' now so they cannot be seen.

So Kevin what was this weight?

The starting bid for this weight is now £200. Perhaps that is the "reserve", although a reserve seemed not to be part of the first listing of this piece? Whether it is worth £200 is up to whoever, if anyone, buys it.

Against my normal "rules" I will make the following comments so that if anyone reading this is interested in the weight, they have a fair idea of what it is (in my opinion only, of course).

The overall features indicate that it is an early Vasart (Ysart Brothers period, 1946 - 1956). It might be a 1930s piece, although I feel that is not likely. The quiite neat setting of the canes, although a bit untidy in places, would suggest to many folk that it could be a weight by Salvador Ysart.

Most of the canes are known (by me) in other early (and later) Vasart work. Perhaps the most interesting cane is the yellow-black one, which featured in my talk at Perth, where I showed the same cane in both Paul Ysart and Vasart items. This indicates to me that this cane, and others, may have been made by Paul (or Salvador?) in the 30s, but when the split came, some went in the direction of Vasart. More "shared" canes are slowly coming light in the work of Paul Ysart and Vasart!

The centre cane in this weight is only known to me (so far) in Vasart pieces.


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