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TECHIE TIPS: Getting started - How to start a New Topic


One of the most frequently asked questions from new members is how to post a new topic, so hopefully this will get you up and running.

So assuming you arrive at the GMB's front page (the board index), you will see this:(click to view full size image)

First it is important to note that you can only start a new topic from a forum index screen. That's the screen you see when you click on the forum name you want to go to, so let's assume you want to ask what your newly found glass vase is, so you would click on the GLASS forum name on the board index:

This opens the GLASS forum index screen where you will see a listing of all the existing topics: (click to view full size image)

Now look at the top right hand side of the list and you will see some blue tabs. Yours may vary slightly from those shown in the screenshot, but will include one called NEW TOPIC:

Click that button and a new screen will open where you can create your new topic:

Make sure you give your topic a useful title - see our HOWTO post with help about subjects here:,17458.0.html

You can add images to your post by using the Attach function which will let you upload up to 4 images per post: (note there are limits on the sizes of the images you can upload, so make sure your images are smaller than the limits)

(The default is one image, but clicking the More attachments text link alongside will open a new box for you to use for another image, do it again to add a 3rd image and again for a 4th image until you see this:

If you need help with resizing images have a look at our HOWTO post here:,6522.0.html

Once you're done, check to make sure your post looks as you want it to do by clicking the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the screen:

- if it's not quite right you can still make a change before you post it onto the forum.

If you want the forum to send you an email when someone replies to the post make sure you tick the box alongside  Notify me of replies:

Once you're happy with how it all looks click the POST button alongside the Preview one and this will add your topic to the forum:

If you need any help with this or any other part of using the board, please ask any Moderator (you'll find Global Moderator below their name) or email me direct.  We can all be contacted via email - see the envelope icon below our names in our posts. 

If you find it easier to follow the instructions with the inline images, please see the flat version of this post here:


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