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TECHIE TIPS: Linking to us in your sales


When you ask on the board for help with an identification and you get one or are given information which you did not have previously, we should appreciate it if you would add a credit back to the GMB for the help and information.

Doing so helps in several ways:

* Potential bidders know that your attribution is correct as it's been authenticated by experts in that area of glass so they can buy from you with the confidence of knowing you know what you're talking about
* It helps spread the word about the GMB itself as a resource for both buyers and sellers
* It encourages our experts to keep helping you with identifications
Note:  eBay allows links back to an attribution source or credit, so don't worry that it will adversely impact on your eBay account. (See for the eBay links policy.)

For eBay listings we would appreciate a link back along these lines:

--- Code: ---Thank you to the Glass Message Board for their help in identifying this item.
--- End code ---

If you have a website or a webshop and would like to include an HTML link back to us, this is the code to do so:

--- Code: ---<a href="" target="_blank">The Glass Messages Board</a>
--- End code ---

or for a BB Code link from another PHP message board, this code should do the trick:

--- Code: ---[url=]The Glass Messages Board[/url]
--- End code ---

which will give you a text link like this: The Glass Messages Board


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