Author Topic: Deep Golden Amber Decanter  (Read 4669 times)

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Deep Golden Amber Decanter
« Reply #20 on: September 09, 2005, 03:52:01 PM »
... of course I kept the Sunshine amber having fallen in love with it. This is how it goes.

I know exactly what you mean and this is how collections start. The problem is knowing when to stop, of course :D

But Sunshine Amber is a very nice colour and looks glorious in sunshine (the real stuff, I mean!) – I take it you know it has a uranium content as well?
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Deep Golden Amber Decanter
« Reply #21 on: September 09, 2005, 04:02:03 PM »
Yes I did, thank you all due to an earlier thread on here (page 4 Amber Glass Vase quite old). Of course I should be talking about a Sunshine Amber bullseye vase and not bullet vase. The bullet vase was the Bohemian Glass - doh!!



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