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Mustard yellow bowl... ID = Davidson

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Another one from this weekend... it's a sort of mustard yellow colour, clear on the inside, matt on the outside. 10" x 6" and 4" high to the top of the points. Again, I can't find this anywhere else... it has no maker's mark or RD no. ... suggestions as to maker welcomed. :) I suspect it's a flower bowl.

Hi Anne,  I think your mustard yellow bowl might be Westmoreland's Lotus pattern in a color called Apricot mist. I am lacking good books on Westmoreland and would like to give you a better confirmation, but it is a place to start. Terry

Terry -  I thought it might be Westmoreland also but I looked in HMW Colored Glass 2 and I don't think it is Lotus.

The leaves or petals look different.  I can't see the bottom of the bowl in the book but the other pieces have a smooth center in the bottom whereas Anne's piece has a rayed bottom.

Is there a good book on Westmoreland?  That is the one American glass company that I am sorely lacking a good reference on also.

Connie, your right. Finally in my book on Westmoreland by Chas West Wilson, a study in total frustration if ever there was one, I found Lotus and there is no ray in the bottom. So guess we need to look elsewhere. Of course now I have to say why the book is so frustrating. Well the author assumes you know the line numbers and there is no index. So basically you just thumb through till you find what you are looking for. I will have to see if there are other books on Westmoreland. Terry

Connie and Terry, thank you for looking... I hadn't considered the possibility of it being American glass. I think the ray pattern had made me think English as we see this so often in e.g. Davidson designs, but I could well be wrong (not for the first time! :lol:)

Any other info would be most welcome, and thanks again. :)


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