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Clear Carnival Glass


I have recently been left a largish carnival glass fruit bowl (350mm diameter. The glass is clear with gold, sky blue, plum and green irridescence. The edge is a series of peaks which are the ends of a corn cob pattern. The inside face of the glass is very smooth, the outside of the bowl is the pattern. I have searched the 'net for this pattern but I can't find it anywhere. There is no maker's mark anywhere on the bowl. The thickness of the glass makes it delicate for its size (2 - 3 mm).....if there is anyone out there who could possibly assist in identifying this bowl, I would be extremely grateful.....

thanks - Howard

Looks like Pfauenauge (peacock eye) glass from LGW, Leinauer Glaswaren in Leinau, Bavaria. They started 1945 with a special iridising process on bought blanks - so the design could be really anything. The company stopped smoking in 1986.


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