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Green Cut Glass Stylised leaf design - ID help requested

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I fell in love with this little vase (I think it is a vase..) on my first visit to Swinderby/Newark a few weeks ago - now that's a dangerous place to visit for a novice glass collector.  I wondered if anyone on the board could tell me anything about it.  It is 4.5" high and 2.75" in diameter (11.5 cm x 7 cm), straight sided with a large ground pontil, with this lovely stylised leaf and stem design.  Its rim is slightly odd, it's thinner than the sides and is polished,  but with a tiny matt inside edge that varies in thickness, as if it has been cut down from something taller (sorry I don't yet have a photo of the rim).

Do you think the matt insidey bit might have been to accomodate a lid of some sort, rather than it having been cut down?

It's rather attractive. :thup:

I hadn't thought of that since the matt bit is so narrow and uneven - I've managed to photograph it a bit better so you can see what I mean. If it had been lidded, what could it have been used for, I wonder?
And yes I think it's attractive too - well worth £3 of anyone's money.


Doesn't really look as if it's for a lid after all. Perhaps it's original, or perhaps it got a bit chipped on the inside from things leaning on it, and they've been ground out?
It doesn't look out of proportion and cut down to me, but I haven't a clue what it is, so  :huh:

I imagine somebody else will know where it comes from.

It may be just that it was finished in a hurry or less than expertly. My speculative guess would be one of the smaller Czech factories.


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