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I found this link — it has some great photos, including scans of Riihimäki trade catalogues and pictures of Helena Tynell at work. :D  :D


Hey Robbo, thanks for the link - sorry it is down, will try again later.
I wonder if you - or anyone else - can shed any light on this bright yellow clear cased lookalike?

I'm almost convinced it is not Whitefriars LOL  :D

Ivo, there is a page on the site with some variants. Maybe it would be worth contacting them—there are some e-mail addresses and a contact form—they may have come across your version before  :D .

It's unlike anything else i've seen  :? .


Jouni, the special headadvicer has kindly let me know
--- Quote --- I am thinking that your vase picture is not Helena Tynell "Sun".  So I also
think, that it is not made in Finland.
--- End quote ---

And so the good news is, Finland is ruled out  :D  - a small but significant step on the way to identification  :P

Ivo, by co-incidence, this has come up on ebay today!


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