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Sue C:
Hi, recieved this today and the colour is quite striking, i thought the colour may help to identify the maker, although i have never seen this colour in pressed glass before  :huh:
Any idea's anyone? the colour is much deeper than in the photo's and a solid colour, the pic's make it look mottled.

Don't think anyone has been able to identify the "three stooges"  yet, as Anne EB calls them. Can't quite work out the colour, is it a sort of turquoise blue? These are found in ordinary blue

Sue C:
Hi Christine, that's why i bought it, because of the colour, i will take a photo tomorrow in daylight, if you look at the colour wheel it is more like the Cyan Blue.
Thats why i thought it might give a clue as to maker, the colour is so strong !!

I know a maker has'nt been found, just thought this might be a clue, but i have to say i have never seen this colour in what i belive may be part of a trinket set.

Sue, it is the tray from a trinket set - we've seen the pots and candlesticks to go with it (somewhere on the board.) That colour is amazing - is it actually coloured through the glass or is it a surface treatment?

Sue C:
Hi Anne, the colour is through the glass, not a surface treatment, it is very dark blue, strangest thing??


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