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Thanks Sue. I checked my reference picture collection for that pattern and I have pics of it in two shades of blue, two shades of green, amber, peachy-pink, and clear. I've no examples of the set of my own (yet!) but there are two sizes of powder pot, a pair of candlesticks, the tray you have, and a ringholder in the sets as far as I can tell.


--- Quote ---the colour is much deeper than in the photo's and a solid colour, the pic's make it look mottled.
--- End quote ---

Sorry, I still don't understand.  Is the glass all one color?  Are paler areas due to the thickness of the glass and not a change in color anywhere?  Interesting effect, at any rate.

The colour is cyan, BUT not under UV; it goes that lovely bright green. Try yours Sue. I picked up two powder bowls today: one with the kneeling lady and the small one with the intaglio face. They just looked bright blue inside at the boot sale and i bought them to sell on. It was when I was putting them in the car that I noticed the hint of green, out came the light and bingo! ;D

PS Pamela has one with a Czechoslovakia label


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