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Thomas Webb glass in the Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum, Prague


Bernard C:
Last week, at the Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Prague, Janet and I saw just two examples of English glass on display, but what fabulous pieces!

The first was a beautifully elegant simply cut decanter with a lobed foot, purchased at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universelle, where Woodward tells us Webb won a Grand Prix.

The second was a stunning 7" Woodall cameo vase, featuring a wispily clad beautiful young lady.

I'm fairly certain that I've not seen either before, so anyone looking for fresh images of Thomas Webb glass for either a website or a book should consider approaching this museum.   Both pieces should be documented in the surviving archives;  access via Broadfield House Glass Museum.

If anything comes of this information, acknowledgement would be appreciated, but, rather sadly, unexpected.

Bernard C.  8)

Commissioner Blake said of the cut and engraved glass of Webb
--- Quote ---These objects included designs by Mr. Pearce, but were mainly the result of the labors of Mr. O’Fallon, who has for years past made a special study of designing in its applications to glass.
--- End quote ---

and later in the same report

--- Quote ---These exhibitors had the finest display of flint and colored wares, and deserved the grand prize which they received. Their flint glass was the finest in the Exposition, and was superior in brilliancy to the French, which still retains a trace of the bluish tint so noticeable in their glass in 1867. I should mention, however, that other British houses had also very fine flint glass nearly equal to Webbs’...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---... Next to this vase a smaller one of the same style was exhibited as the work of Mr. Woodall. The subject represented is after Guido's Aurora. The skill displayed by the artist commands admiration. The half tints described in the former vase were also produced in this vase with remarkable effect. The base shows a series of leaves, with the semi-transparence repeated in each with a surprising evenness of shade. The parts, after having been carved, may be left rough or may be polished; this enables the artist to obtain a dead or clear effect.
--- End quote ---

Text and image courtesy The Glass Study.

One of Webb's decanters shown at Paris:

--- Quote ---A decanter, Fig. 13, also engraved by this artist, [Mr. Kny] the subject representing the frieze of the Parthenon in intaglio half-clear engraving, was very beautiful. It is valued at $2,250.
--- End quote ---
©2008 F Andrews

nigel benson:

Just a thought about your request for acknowledgement.

Do we have to give you a credit even if we've already been to the museum and seen 'em?

Kind wishes, Nigel

Guido's Aurora was dressed so probably not the vase piece by Bernard. Unless it was just Guido's pose and another artists disrobement.


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