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Definitely not Holmegaard, but who....

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Cathy B:

I waited 'till the auction ended before I asked this! Obviously this can't be Holmegaard, but who is "HG made in Sweden?"? I have this feeling I've seen the shape (or a similar one) identified as Aseda, but wouldn't put money on it.

Thanks in advance, very much!! :)  :)  :)


David E:
Cathy, I think this may be a G.Hardy (GH, not HG) importers label from what is described. I believe they operated in England during the 1950-60s and if you look at the Murano 101: Labels topic, this label was dicussed at length there. In this instance the label was 'Made in Italy', of course :wink:

Vase is by Aseda, the designer is not on record and it dates from the 1960s.

Cathy B:

--- Quote from: "Ivo" ---Vase is by Aseda, the designer is not on record and it dates from the 1960s.
--- End quote ---

Thanks Ivo. Thought it was Aseda - problem solved. Hope the buyer didn't think it was Holmegaard as "attributed".

David, can you get a good photo of your label with the GH logo? Might be interesting for posterity.


ÅSEDA GLASBRUK from Sweden were in existence from 1947 to 1977. In 1975 due to problems they were bought by Royal Krona who also comprised Skruf, Gullaskruf, Maleras, and Bjorkshult. In 1977 Royal Krona went bust and all the companies were either sold or closed. The town of Åseda is in the South East of Sweden in an area known as "Glasriket" or "Kingdom of Glass" due to all the glassworks that have been there! ÅSEDA made many different pieces of glass but this vase, the bubbled "jack in the pulpit" type and the 5 lobe based bud vases are by the far the most common. A lot of the ÅSEDA labelled ones are found in mainland Europe and the USA. They are usually available in different colours & shapes from there too. The main designer for Åseda was Bo Borgström.

 A fair number of these have the "Swedish Art Glass" label of "G Hardy Co." who were an importer of glass into Britain in the 50's & 60's. G Hardy sold from Elme, Gadderas, Alsterfors, Alsterbro and Gullaskruf as far as I know. How much I don´t know. They also bought glass from Italy which has the same label in red type but says "Venetian Art Glass". Hardys bought a lot of unsold vases from the end of production runs.

I also own a bubbled "jack in the pulpit" type Åseda vase which has the label of the American company "Ebeling and Reuss Ltd". They imported Swedish glass including Åseda.

I will have more on Åseda Glasbruk soon and will share the information on the forum.



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