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Definitely not Holmegaard, but who....

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David E:
Hi Cathy,

If you follow this thread, then scroll down to CathyG's posting.,1749.0.html

This shows the G.Hardy sticker on a Cenedese vase. My vase appears on page 4 of this topic thread, but is only partial so of less interest.

Cathy B:
Thanks, Davids!

Is deff an Aseda vase - the label is the import label for G Hardy & Co (as said) - they imported from Sweden and Murano (label says Venetian Art Glass) - it is so common for an eBayer to try and sell a piece as Holmegaard with the Hardy label  :evil:  :x

Amazing thing is this is a nice jack-in-the-pulpit vase by Bo Borgstrom in a rarer colour - they are now being sold for £60.00+

Ahhh life

Adam D555 :twisted:


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