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Jolliest paperweight in the world!

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My local Oxfam shop lady just dropped round some glass to be valued.  Most of it is junk, but there was this:

I really love it!  It's so happy, and dare I say in the olde sense of the world, gay!  It's about 3" across and has a lovely high dome.  There is a very small bruise about 4mm across to one side.

Could anyone give me a value please?  I think I'll sell it online as it should raise more for Oxfam.

Thank you.   :D

Looks like a very pretty Strathearn to me!  I love it, 'cos it's pink!  :lol:

The bruise may drop the price, though   :?   :(  Can you post a picture showing it?  It may not be that bad, but if you have to say it's bruised on ebay it could put some bidders off.  Not me, of course!    :wink:

As for price .... does depend on that bruise, I would think.  


Max, check out "strathearn" under both eBay and the dealer site Sweetbriar Gallery, where weights like this one are often available and you will also see the general price range.

[And regardless of individual views on the matter, including my own at times, Sweetbriar Gallery prices are really no higher than most other dealers.]

Leni is right about the bruise - it may affect the value quite considerably and to get it polished out could cost more than the weight is worth. But at 3 inch, it's a good example of this type.

I thought it might be Strathearn...hmm....I hadn't considered that it's pink...but I still like it!  

Thanks Kev, I'll do that straightaway.   :D  :D


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