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Deep tray with bird pattern? - ID = Tiara Empress Bird of Paradise Dresser Tray

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I just spotted this whilst looking for trinket sets pieces, but it doesn't look like anything I can find in Bagley Glass (Bowey, Parsons and Parsons), does anyone recognise it please? (It looks too deep for a trinket set tray as the seller says, but what else might it be for? My dearly beloved said it looks like a serving dish - pheasant pie was mentioned - but I think he's just hungry and hopeful!!!  ;D)

It's a serving dish with handles and feet, seems a little exotic for English. Australian  :huh:

whom of you is going for it?
I won't because it is definitely not German, I think
but you should rescue it for further investigations, because it is pressed, please

I didn't as I went out to a meeting after I posted earlier, and have only just returned home, and the auction's ended. I'm intrigued to know who this was made by though. If Australian perhaps Cathy B will know it?

Cathy B:
Not Australian. Gorgeous pattern though.


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