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Research into Japanese pressed glass industry, c.1870-1900

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A discussion too far off topic really. But basically different types of furnaces were used for window and vessel glass, and that different skilled workers were needed for each type. Bottles do come under the heading of vessels but I was meaning more decorative and pre 1700 - also my main detailed knowledge relates to Scotland. In general the quality of glass was the main issue and those failing to produce window glass either went bust or switched to bottles and/or drinking glasses. But other types of glass were being made in one or two places but not a single proven example exists in Scotland from that period. But while substantially earlier than this topic, there are clear parallels to the start up of the industry in Japan except that in Scotland the skills were imported from Venice.

Ahh, so (ah so!) quite a bit earlier than I was thinking, or know anything about!  Sounds like the topic of another discussion one day.

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