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Stennett-Willson for a song


Me again

I am not one to gloat but last week on eBay with 5 mins to go a vase described as W/F with a really fuzzy picture was selling - I knew what it was but the picture was so blurred I did not know the colour was a lovely pale amethyst

It's 8.25" high by Stennett-Willson for Wedgwood - I have some others but nothing in amethyst - is this rarer, how much is it worth (well you gotta ask :shock: )

Also the seller never described it was etched Wedgwood England to base with that funny crown logo LOL - some of my others are not so I assume they are Kings Lynn

Cost under £10.00 inc. P&P and in perfect nick

Adam D555 :twisted:

The book price is £60 to £80 but the market place doesn't always reflect this.

Those examples without the Wedgwood mark usually signify ealier models designed by Stennett-Willson at his King's Lynn factory before the takeover by Wedgwood. They are generally much more sought after.



--- Quote ---amethyst - is this rarer
--- End quote ---

No, it is a standard colour, developed by Stennett-Willson and the glass technologists at Lemington Glassworks in the late 1950's.

--- Quote ---that funny crown logo
--- End quote ---

That will be the Wedgwood trade-mark of the Portland Vase.

Le Casson


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