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Nils Landberg - Orrefors decanter

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Hi  :)

I bought this decanter for a song.  Why does no-one like decanters? I think they're groovy and this one's going to have some nice whisky in it soon.    

I gather from Ivos' book that this is from about 1952, but I can't find the initials DR (the engraver?) anywhere.  Anyone know what the DR bit stands for?

PS: I've missed the 'Orrefors' bit from the pic of the signature.  :)

Hi Max, just checked Leslie Pinas 50s glass p.164 on labels & signatures. It gives a list of Orrefors Designer signatures which have a single letter to identify them by.  It goes on to state that after 1980 two initials were used instead to identify these designers.  The only one in the list with the initial D is for Ingeborg Lundin.  However, the second initial used by Orrefors indicates the type of glass, but there isn't one shown with the letter R.  (A = cut glass, E = frosted (satin ground), U = workshop made, smooth glass, Z = green lustrous glass and Graal-S or S-Graal = slipgraal).   So it may well be the engraver.  I too have a piece of Orrefors signed with the name Valentine, but members on the board felt that this was probably the artist who painted the flowers.

p.s. I like decanters :lol:

Regards - Anne E.B.

Anne E.B.:
Drat!  Log-in gremlins again :roll:  That was me :wink:
Anne E.B. :lol:

Thanks for looking it up Anne - that's really kind of you, I don't have that book either - another one I should buy!

I'm pretty sure the designer of the shape is Nils Landberg, and the B9 dates it to 1952.   Ah well, perhaps I won't find out what the DP stands for.  I'm just assuming it's the engraver...I mean if Landberg had engraved it too, it would be NL.  Orrefors really confuses me with all it's numbers and letters!

Time to fill it up the decanter I reckon.   :wink:  :D

David E:

--- Quote ---Why does no-one like decanters?
--- End quote ---

Max & Anne, I like them too - I also think they're cool!


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