Author Topic: Scandinavian bears, Marcolin and Gränna  (Read 1194 times)

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Scandinavian bears, Marcolin and Gränna
« on: December 20, 2008, 08:51:05 PM »
We've had several threads about polar bears and I looked at some of these discussions 
yesterday only to find that most of the pictures were gone.

I found a bear from Gränna glasbruk and wondered if that could have been the one we
thought might be Mantorp? It's difficult to tell now when the picture in that thread is gone.....


Anyway, here are some other bears for you.....

This first one is from Gränna glasbruk

the next one is from FM Konstglas/Marcolin, Ronneby

and here's my polar bear from FM Konstglas/Marcolin, Ronneby

all texts and pictures Ingela Nyrn


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