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ABP cut glass bowl

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KarenR thanks for looking at this bowl

Another cut glass bowl which I found this year, I cannot find the pattern in my limited books I have

Measures about 9" in diameter or 21cm , height 3.75" or 9cm and weighs 2.2 kg

Many thanks Roy

Roy, I've studied this bowl quite a bit and even with your four photos am not convinced all of the cutting is polished.  Maybe it's the way the light is hitting it.  The design is striking but I suspect the quality is less than the excellent sweet pea vase you posted in another thread.  From the way the line of light reflects over the main miter cuts of the bowl, the blank appears to be figured. 

Some photos of the cut side might be helpful. 

I find it's sometimes hard to tell what is polished/unpolished when looking at the cutting from the uncut side of the glass, but I agree some of it (such as the flashing on the pinwheels) looks unpolished.  Karen, which photo are you looking at when you say it looks figured?

It would be so nice to find some catalogs from European companies that made ABP-type cut glass!  I wonder if Frank has any.

(Karen has undoubtedly seen this, but here's one page showing some work by Yasemin in Turkey.)

Really only Roy would be able to tell for sure about the figuring because he can feel the uncut side.  In photos 2 and 3 at about the 10 o'clock position where the deep miters cross each other is where I see a disturbance in the reflection line.  I don't see it on the other side but it does appear the light source is slightly more directed to the left than the right. 

Thanks for your help so far, I think I would find it very difficult myself to tell if polished or unpolished. I am also not sure what you mean when you say figuring , please help ?, I have added some pictures of the cut side only taken with flash not sure if they will help, if not I will take some tomorrow.

I bought this during the summer for £10.00 which I thought was worth a gamble, although I have never been 100% convinced that it is Brilliant cut, when handling it does seem to feel right feeling quite sharp to handle plus the rim teeth which look OK to me

thanks Roy


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