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id needed looks like holmgaard carneby ?


Hi, vase is 9  3/4  inches high with ripple effect base, looks a wee bit like carnaby range by holmgaard, dont know what colour this is sort of yellow beige? cased white inside, any info appreciated, thanks Kieran

It looks like it's from Empoli, Italy to me.  :)

Definitely NOT Holmegaard.
Several Swedish companies as well as Italian made this type of glass. The Japanese also had a go but they exported more to the US and Australia than here.
Really any company which made glass lighting from the late 50s -70s period would have also made this type of glass I seem remember Ivo saying.
In more recent years there's also at least one Polish company and I think they did this colour. Could be Makora but I may be wrong. Try a search on Ebay and google.

Sue C:
I saw it's orange brother and a larger fatter sister with a Made In China sticker, in a charity shop a few weeks back, cant remember if Della was with me ??


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