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My First Glass Paperweights.

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Hi Linda welcome to paperweight collecting

Stick with this board, don't be afraid to ask questions and people will tell you exactly what you need to know - not what you need to hear LOL

That's what I have found

Also get a few paperweight books - 'The Miller's Paperweight Collectors Guide' is slim but full of info on cane types, etc - it's only £6.00 so you can't go wrong is a good site, look at his links and you will find more

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


Thanks for the heads-up, kind people!  It may be another week before I can shake loose and do some more studying.  We are going to California to our daughters wedding.....the youngest just married in June!  Sooooo glad this is almost thru.   Too many plans, too much expence, too many little gals in "drama" mode!

Way too old for are all so great and I will be back soon.



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