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Pulegoso Globe


I would be grateful for any help to identify this part-pulegoso globe.  When I saw it first it was positioned upside-down, as it is hollow, and has a very small hole in the top. The style looks Scandinavian to me, but I don't know anything about this except that it looked interesting, when I turned it the right way up!

Thank you.

I think that is an oil burner, a bit like this one, only yours is more sophisticated looking.   :) :)

Thank you, Max.  It certainly does look very like the one you link to on ebay.  A search for Cello Glass doesn't tell me much except that they would appear to have gone out of business in 2006, or soon after. If anyone knows anything more, I would be interested to hear.

Thanks again  :)     

There's a lot of companies that make oil burners - in fact, I've never heard of Cello before!  :-[   So you're still looking for a designer, sorry if I misled you.  I have a feeling they're a fairly modern phenomenon though.   :)


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