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Jobling candlestick RD no 724094 = Weardale

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Does anyone have access to a Jobling pattern book or list which would tell me what Jobling pattern number or name relates to the RD no 724094 please?  The RD number is found on a clear glass candlestick, which appears to be a part of a trinket set, but it's not the 12500 pattern as shown on Chris Stewart's Cloudglass website (different shape and different RD no.)

Thanks in hope. :)

(PS and does anyone know how many trinket set patterns Jobling made?)

Mike M:
If memory serves me right this is the weardale pattern

they made this in an amazing range of items

Incidently your candlestick is the only one I've ever seen coloured (blue one pair only) as well as your flint



Mike thank you so much for such a swift reply, and for your information. Do you happen to know if Weardale also had a pattern number as well as a name please? Is it part of a trinket set or is it a standalone candlestick?

Bernard C:
Anne Weardale came in green, amber or flint, possibly other colours, possibly satin.   1135 oblong tray, which also doubled up as the tray for the 1+4 flint only hors d'oeuvres set, 1132 puff jar, 2 x 1133 powder jars, 2 x 1138 5" candlesticks, optional ring stand, possibly pin tray.

Also 2626 trinket set, looks very much like the trade catalogue version of the Bagley 2231 David trinket set.   Blue, green, amber or flint, polished or satin, possibly other colours.   Choice of diamond or oblong tray, puff jar, 2 x powder jars, 2 candlesticks, round pin tray, possibly ring stand.

Hope that helps.

Bernard C.  8)

Mike M:
The candlesticks and ring holder, and presumable the whole trinket set, also came in clear blue. Oddly the ones I have came with a tray which belonged to the honey pot set -not sure if it was an original match or a match invented by the dealer selling it!

I've always assumed 'weardale' was the Jobling design aimed at the ever popular Chippendale market -there were loads of designs - somewhere I have a weardale lidded cheese dish, -the kind shape like a wedge of cheese - sauce boat and dish, stemmed cake stand, suger and cream and a pair of miniature salts.




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