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just for Leni my chinese murrine faces PW

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well it's got more than faces, it has some qiute well made canes, it  measures 2" high and 2" across

click on image for larger photo

Thanks Ray, The faces seem to have come from the same stable!!

I agree with Adam (David555) on the Murano board that this - and the vase - isn't Chinese!  I still say the 'round eyes' are a give-away   :shock:  :roll:

Actually, there is a bit of a resemblance to what Chris and Lissa Juedemann  (Glass Kitchen) are doing in the US!  There are many problems with the process, some of which are particularly apparent in Ray's weight!  

In spite of that, I really like it, Ray!  It's quirky and fun   :D


I agree the Murrines are very like the vase in question,2454.0.html

But are you sure your paperweight is from China, it looks like a scramble paperweight with Murrines from Murano (date not known to me) - I know it has that frosted ground base but some Italian companies have turned out weights like that - I have Murano ones with rough matt bases, they have the sticker

The scrambled ruffle/flower canes look so Italian to me - but if China is turning out lovely paperweights like these, I'd buy them - I see 100s every day and not one ever like this

Whatever, I'm probably wrong as usual :cry:

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

defo not murano due to the colours in the cane's they are so watery


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