Author Topic: Is this Murano graffito piece or a "murano style?" piece (not true murano)  (Read 524 times)

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Ok, well, I have to stop buying glass. First of all, I have no money. Second of all, I just HAVE to stop. It's silly. Anyway, I got this piece on E-bay today (which is a BAD way to spend the day off-for my bank account that is). Can anyone ID it? I thought it looked like a graffito piece and thought I had seen something like it in another place. But I can't remember of course. Anyway, anyone got any ideas?
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I don't think it is vintage. It's listed as 1980's.

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We  discussed this style a few months back i believe its called Fenicio i would say 80s is about right .
see nov 06 2008- murano vase huge-,23753.msg132670.html#msg132670  Mod: Link to that topic

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Yes, it is a very simple version of "fenicio" glass. Somebody call it also "piumato".
At the origin it was made with a special tool called "marenetta".
The name cames from the old Phoenician and Egyptian glassware.
You can see a more complex example of fenicio here

It is a very old technique. there are some very nice example in the book
"Vetri veneziani dal Rinascimento all'800. Colori e trasparenze"



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Thanks. I didn't pay much for it (paid more for the large piece I bought that is not Murano). I will probably give it as a gift to someone later on. It's pretty but that was the day I banned myself from glass for a long while. It's really difficult too because I went on e-bay once this week and saw a really amazing piece of true murano glass and could not bid. Oh well. There is more glass in the world and I can get it when I have the money again.


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