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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: Broadfield House Glass Museum UK


There may be some members who haven't noticed our large new red and white banner at the foot of the board, or visited the topic in Events announcing the proposed closure of Broadfield House Glass Museum in April 2010. Can I ask those of you who haven't done so already to please visit the topic and add your support to the campaign to preserve the Museum.

You might wonder why this is of interest to you. You maybe don't visit museums. You may not live in England. So why should you care?

Broadfield House holds not only an important collection of glass made in both the UK and overseas, but also holds an extensive glass archive and library. It is this archive (which covers both the UK and other glassmaking countries, such as the Czech Republic) is used extensively by authors researching books on glass and if this facility is lost then where are those authors to find this information?

This board has a number of published authors, many of whom have visited BHGM as part of their research and used the information from the archives for their books. That information is often the same as is given to board members in answer to questions about identification. Without access to archives such as Broadfield House we cannot learn more and will not be able to answer some of the questions asked here or on other forums.

So, you need Broadfield House Glass Museum as much as those who have already responded with messages or action in support of the Museum's retention. Please, if you've not done so already, support the campaign, write to Dudley Council or the local MP or the press or anyone you know whom you think may be able to help. We have over 3000 members on this board, if everyone wrote just one letter think of the impact we could have!

The topic to read and respond to is in our Announcement and Events forum here:,24552.0.html - thank you.

by going to this link...

It only takes 2 minutes of your time to save over 200 years of glass...

If you've not signed yet, please do add your name and comments in support of the museum.

Friends of Broadfield House website now live with more info:

Updated main topic gives another petition for UK cictzens and ex-pats to sign to request UK govt intervention in the campaign to save the museum.

Also, an update on the confusion issuing from the council.... ::) 


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