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Hi, more glass, hope you don't mind since there are quite a few pictures.

I've tried to identify them best I can but after joining this group i believe that i'm probably wrong anyway.

Pictures updated.

Scottish (concave pontil) (Flat base)

Holmegaard style (This one I see often and might be recent, has a concave pontil) (One of a pair, I have seen one in clear glass, could be recent) (Has a ground concave pontil)

Riihimaki style (These are red but appear orange when looking inside)


Help would be much appreciated. Thank you.  :)

Cathy B:
Hi Tigerchips,

Riihimaki fanatics - isn't that first vase a Tamara Aladdin (sp??) vase?

I don't _think_ any of the Holmegaard ones are Holmegaard. Can't help with the rest.


Hello, There's something "Caithnessy" about the pink one with the purple around it, third photo under the heading "Scottish", but it also might be Maltese.

The first one under"unknown" looks as if it's been cut down.

Sorry not to be of more help!

The red Riihimaki does look like a Tamara Aladin design - Nanny Still did something very similar but with a much narrower tapered top.  As for the rest, sorry can't help and the photographs are not showing them in their best light to be honest.

Hi Tigerchips   :)

Both the purple and the blue vase in the first lot of pics look quite modern to me.  I'm unsure about the pinky's the coloured strapping that looks odd, is it purple?

Out of the Holmgaard lot, I like the shape of the white opaque one - that's rather nice!  It does have a Scandi feel to it.  :D  The clear bowls with the coloured centres I think are all *probably* Murano.  You might be thinking of Flygsfors bowls, Coquille range, which are similar, usually cased in white and fabulous quality.

Both the red vases in the Riihimaki section are probably Scandinavian, and possibly from Riihimaki as it's similar to their style.  Not sure if anyone can tell you definitely though.

Could you give another pic of the side view of the base of the 'Unknown' green one?

I really enjoyed looking at your glass, you've got quite a collection going on there!   :D  :D


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