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Hello folks.... my first visit to this section of glassmessages so treat me gently!

I'm off to auction tomorrow, & as well as my own art glass I'm looking at a box of paperweights or 2. The 1st has 9 Strathearn pieces,    all with original labels which I believe date them to 1935-1950, just going by styLe of them.

There is also a paperweight by PIRELLI OF SCOTLAND - I'd be interested to know if PIRELLI paperweighhts are colllectible. Again, it's labelled, & going by the typography looks like the company fqamous for the calendars (oh, & the tyres for cars!)

Any info on price-ranges for these opaoerweights would be appreciated! The box also containsa dozen or so inch-diameter end-of-day

Kinest regards, Lyn

Hi Lyn,

1. Strathearn was 1964 to 1980. It was the renamed version of the Vasart Ltd company.

2. Pirelli Glass marketed Vasart paperweights, as well as their own non-paperweight items. But they had nothiing to do with the calendars or the tyres. The label dates the weight as 1956 to 1964, although it is not known for sure whether the Pirelli connection stopped before 1964.

3. The one-inch (or so) items might be Vasart or Strathearn miniature weights, which were production items, not so-called "end of day" work. But without details or preferably a photo, it's obviously not possible to say whether they really are Vasart or Strathearn.

The prices for Vasart / Strathearn weights vary according to the size, condition and type - they could be anywhere from £5 to £200 (!) although £30 to £80 is a usual amount for regular non-faceted millefiori items. It's a good idea to check eBay or main paperweight dealer sites for general prices.

Good luck with the auction. If you get them, please post a photo or two.

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