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Lisa Haug:
I am trying to find out some history on gullaskruf glass, I have purchased a plate, dark red, shaped like a hub cap. Does anyone aout there know any details or how I could get some information.

Gullaskruf was located in Gullaskruf, Sweden [1895-1920]; (bottles, flat glass) and [1926-1977]; (pressed glass, tableware, art glass); Designers included Hugo Gehlin 1930-1953, Arthur Percy 1951-70; Kjell Blomberg 1954-75. The place was named Royal Krona 1975-1977; Orrefors bought it 1977, and it closed 1983. Signatures: Gullaskruf glass is rarely marked, they used labels only; sometimes you find factory, designer and pattern number in full; G=Gehlin; P=Percy; the label 'Gullaskruf + mirrored GG' is from the 1920s; 'G Gehlin Gullaskruf Sweden' 1930s.
from "Glass factfile a-z". :wink:

Raoul Karlsson:
Gullaskrufs glassworks (1927-1983) is located in Gullaskruv, Sweden.

In 1893 the first building for making glass is built. It´s called Willkols glassworks, founder was Axel Emil Lewenhaupt. In 1894 the production started with bottles. From october 1895 the glassworks produce flat glass until 1922.

In 1927, 23 of march - the first pressed glass is produced in Gullaskrufs glassworks. The founder is William Stenberg.

In 1929 (january) Hugo Gehlin joins Gullaskruf.
In 1951 Arthur Percy starts to cooperate with Gullaskruf.
In 1955 Gullaskruf buys Trelleborgs glasswork.
In 1955 Kjell Blomberg starts as designer at Gullaskruf.
In 1974 Gullaskruf joins Krona-bruken AB (Royal Krona).
In 1977 Royal Krona goes bankrupt, court decision 26 of april.
In august 1977 - Orrefors glassworks rent Gullaskruf factory.
In 1983, 30 of september with 55 employees, Orrefors closes Gullaskruf.

Hugo Gehlin and Arthur Percy had their own Gullaskruf-labels.

Most common signature is KB Gullaskruf (Kjell Blomberg).

/Raoul Karlsson
Gullaskruv, Sweden


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