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perthshire aladdins cave


i got this one off ebay, it's a PP8 / PP7 aladdins cave made 1969-1971 thats ok, but when i was looking at the piece's of crushed canes with my eye loop, i came across a partial date cane ?8, now then did perthshire do a 1968 date cane?

click image for larger photo

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Why can I never see your images??
I will have to go over my Aladins cave now with a loop!

I use Firefox too, no problem. Review your Tools/Options/Web Features

Sorry Ray, but I think the "date" you are seeing is simply a couple of circular canes, one over the other, appearing to be an "8", and the partial "6" is just another round cane. Groups of round canes as a central motif within a complex cane are quite common.

IIt's a bit like Old English canes where there are similar effects and some collectors have given "meaningful" names, like "window canes" to patterns that are really no more than a set of tube canes grouped together.


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Thank you . I updated Firefox last week because there was a security leak.
I have checked and nothing seems to be blocked and checked my Firewall etc. Must be the gremlins again.


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