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Robert Held of Canada


Hi all

This is a lovely little Robert Held iridized paperweight in the shape of a maple leaf - it's not that significant but is signed RHAG and has original label - I bought it for £0.50 but it has got me thinking does this guy do larger bits worth collecting - any help appreciated

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Wow! Adam, that was a bargain methinks! :)

I love Robert Held's work... sadly I don't own any (yet! ;)) but he does have a great website here showing loads of his work:


Thanks so much for that link - I think this guy is better than Ditchfield and Okra - I am really gonna try and get some bigger bits

I love this stuff :D  :D  :D

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Adam, if you want a bigger bit in the paperweight line, try a sea urchin
 mine is 4 inches high and weighs 2 pounds.   Terry

Robert Held has many different kinds of paperweights in his portfolio. It's odd that you should mention him because I was in a huge glass and china shop on Bloor Street in Toronto last week and they had about 75 of his weights and other glass objects for sale.

His weights are everywhere in gift shops in southern Ontario and there's a woman who does antique and craft shows in western New York State (Buffalo/Niagara Falls area and 90 minutes from Toronto) and always has a large display of Held's work for sale.


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