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Is this a Vanity Set? - ID = Sowerby 2638


Can this be called a Vanity set although it only has two chamber type candlesticks and a vase. The vase is held by three stems but there's a hole to see through (if that makes sense) I am trying hard not to ask questions with out researching but I can't find a set with just these three items on it. Any ideas about its origin would be appreciated.  The second picture is the bottom of the tray.

I think the candlesticks and the tray are Sowerby but that the vase is more likely Czechoslovakian. You are missing a pin tray and two or three  lidded bowls. I will check later at home about the Sowerby bit.

PS A chamberstick is generally considered to be a saucered base and handle type.

The rocket vases fetch reasonable prices on ebay, so you got a bargain. The vanity set is a Sowerby 2638 and should have a pin tray and a lidded powder bowl (4 in) for a five piece set plus two smaller lidded pomade bowls for a seven piece set. Date 30s/40s and onward possibly.

Some vanity sets do have vases and/or clocks, but not often English-made ones

Other pieces shown here:

Thank you so much. I will now definately know what to look out for to complete my set. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge. It's great.


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