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Tamara Aladin Jugs!


Hi All,

Isn't it exciting when you find that you have something :lol: , I mean a piece of glass that has a name and a designer.

I saw  two jugs last week, liked them and promptly forgot to go back and buy them  :oops: s.

Anyway thanks to, I think it was Anne, who posted the link to Tiinas glass collection I realised what they might be.

I went back and bought them, had a good look and I think the large one is number 47 a "Kleopatra" vase, despite the handle, by Tamara Aladin. I wonder if the other is a smaller version?      large one    small one

Barbara. ( who thought they looked "Italian" and no way Scandinavian :oops:  :oops: )

Well!   I'll be horn-swoggled!  (Hmm..never typed that word before!  :lol:)

I would have thought your jug was probably Italian too, by the handle.  What's a handle like that doing on a piece of Scandinavian glass??  I must have missed it the first time I view that web-page, thanks for drawing my attention to it again Barbara.

...and for my money, it does look like you have the same vase in different sizes, well done!    :D  :D   :D


Well done! They both look like Kleopatra vases to me  :D  :D .
You mention a query regarding the handle of the first - could you elaborate?
The second one, I've seen in green, with a Riihimäen label. I've never seen the first one with a label. How to the bases compare?

There are several other variants too - one illustrated here: (right at the bottom).

Where is this shop?  :wink:  :wink:


Well, the design of the these vases/jugs is slightly different.  I had both of them, but now only have the smaller version - the movers broke the bigger one - the real Kleopatra as far as I know.  At least my jugs were slightly different in colour, too.  The bigger one had more orange in it - looked marvellous against the light.  The smaller one is more towards ruby in shade.   The quality of the glass is the same as far as I can tell.

Would be interested to know myself, if the smaller one is indeed by Riihimäen Lasi!


Hi All,

The first, large one is a more orangey colour than the other, which is slightly redder (if that makes sense :D) . But as to the handles, I thought they only came on jugs, but there is no spout, so I can only think that it is part of the decoration, hence the comment.

The bases look the same, with a slight dimple in the middle, and both are cased, and of the same quality glass.


BTW, they are off the flea market not a shop,which round here is a minor miracle as most "fings" are "Whitefriars, me duck, really expensive", which means, "I've heard the name, know they made glass,seen similar on TV, and can charge the earth for tat"


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