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New Moncrieff archive material

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First 52 pages of new archive material from Colin Mayor is now on site.

Little red book

Mary has completed the text although it is still in need of further editing which she continues with.

I have added a glossary which explains the units and other terms found in the book. If anyone can add to that it would be appreciated.

Added a staff handbook

Added a Monax Laboratory glass catalogue - with credit to our Gary :)

Hi Frank,
            yet again you have mananged to do a brilliant job :lol:  of adding these new items to the site,there is a lot of reading so i am going to read a piece a night, i dont know where you find the time with you also holding down a full time job and being a dad and husband :shock: , so i would just like to say from myself and im sure all other message board users  a BIG thank you,
                    Gary :wink:


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