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Please Help with Zanetti L


Hi there , I have two pieces of large and very heavy glass. both are approx 13 inches tall one is a penguin and the other is a heron. They are both purple in colour but at night in my light blue room they too turn blue. I think they date from the 1970s and they are both signed on the bottom with Zanetti L  . Please can anyone tell me anything about them , I would be very grateful.

This might help, although I'm not 100% sure it's the same company:

Most of the Zanetti items I've seen are figurines.  

The color of your glass is what's called "alexandrite" or "neodymium" glass.  It was developed around 1925 and was used by several different companies.  Some people collect it for its color changing properties.



Just read this message as i also have a piece signed Zanetti L on it. From my homework and don't take this as gospel, the L stands for Licio.
Now Oscar (Licio's father) and Licio founded Vetreria Artistica Fratelli Zanetti in 1956 and the company still exists today although with a slight name change. The link on the previous post takes you to the current co. and i believe that is run by Oscar son of Licio.
The pieces may in turn be attributed to Luciano Zanetti (a possible nephew to Oscar) but i can't remember where i found that information.
My own piece is an elephant made in a contempary style standing 8".
Hope this helps

Here's a link to discussions we had on the Zanetti's a few months ago, which may help clarify thing a little.,415.0.html



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