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Kaj Blomqvist and Bengt Orup difficult to sell

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Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "Shakespeare" ---All that glisters is not gold
--- End quote ---

My listings may look okay, but often don't sell!   I think they are too detailed for many.

It's important to spell my eBay Id correctly otherwise you won't find them.   See the signature block below.

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks everyone - now for my rant of the week

I have been selling on eBay for 2.5 years now - over 800 quality items and have a sell rate of about 65% which is good - I do re-list unsold items at a reduced cost and the profits I have made on the first sale often offset any losses on re-list reductions

Thing is, all that has been with Monart, Vasart, Holmegaard, Whitefriars, Mdina, IOW - strange I always make a huge profit from Wallace & Sanders & Altaglass (I researched these well after good sales)  :shock:

I do thank you all for your advice. I guess it has been taken I put forward a question for debate "Why can I sell a bit of modern IOW better than a Humppila vase" (for e.g.) :?

I know all that stuff about the better known selling more easily - I have 100% positive feedback, the photos shown here are not like those on Ebay, I always give as concise but informative description as possible still people are not willing to take a chance on new names (to them) or slightly obscure objects

Actually I made my profit on these two items when I sold a Venini handkerchief vase (I bought a lot of 3) so I am not complaining too much

I am just a bit struck by such items (I have many more) which are all labelled and signed garnering little interest - I can take them to my local auction with all the info I have on them and make a good profit - people can see, feel and touch at a live auction - but I like eBay :P

I have website - I can build really good ones with hyperlinks and I know all the tricks with home made optimization, but I sell little from this as there are thousands out there selling same stuff as a living, with me it’s a side line

I maybe suffer from wanting not just to sell but to educate and within that I need to accept I am powerless over eBay

I do spell everything correctly with eBay listings, I don’t know how Humpilla (Humppila) got past me here (it's a hex) - would it matter on eBay when no one knows anyway (It is important on this board .. but in eBay land I see John Dishfield going for £200.00!)

One thing I see in this thread is that we all suffer from this 'go popular on eBay or don't sell at all' effect - I need a room full of Whitefriars, Troika and bothery Ltd edition Swarovski

1880s to 1920s German and American marbles sell well; I do have a lot of those!!

Anyway, what am I doing "Never mind all the advise on how to sell (I thank you and may have sold to you under name of Fonter56) - my original question was does anyone know anything more about these manufacturers or designers for when I do re-list?"

I will as always return the favour


Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

btw - my photos are only 50 - 80kb JPEG - since I started to use my own web space to post, they blow up huge - it must be the FTP between my server and this one - I will try and fix maybe by using a file type with a high compression ratio :roll:

Hi Adam,
There used to be a page on the Riihimäki Glass Museum site with a brief history of Humppila and Kumela. Unfortunately, it's been deleted. However, a bit I've gathered together about Humppila (from this and a few other sources).

[*]Founded 1952 by Jonni, Martti(??) and Olavi Helander, brothers who had previously worked at Nuutajärvi as glassblowers. The works produced both 'art glass' and household wares. You occasionally see items signed 'Helander'. At this time some of the 'art glass' produced was Gunnel Nyman type controlled bubble items - I believe Helander brothers had made the originals when at Nuutajärvi.
[*]Sold in a forced auction 1970 (there had been financial problems). New owner Rolf Alander.
[*]1976 Humppila buys the Kumela glassworks from the Kumela family (Blomqvist had designed for Kumela). Kumela continued to produce glass by blowing and lead crystal, while the Humppila works concentrated on centrifugal casting and more mechanical means of production.
[*]1986 Sold to Wärtsilä, owners of Nuutäjarvi. Subsequently, though the various takeovers/mergers, part of Iittala Oy Ab. Factory still exists, as part of Iittala.

There is also this site with some info on Blomqvist/Humppila, including other Humppila designers If you find out anything else, I'd be interested to know.



You are the sanity amongst all the madness

Thanks for the info - will explore

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Adam D555,

Console yourself with this, what you know is more than most, and you are therefore way ahead of the market, the buyers merely have to catch up.

I know that one, and soon Millers will be asking for advice. No, I'm not taking the mickey, it happens.

By the way, both the glass, and your images are good.

Thanks for the info, all of you.




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