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GTS Mystery Set 5 - Pressed Glass Trinket set

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It's a darkish green, German stuff doesn't tend to be. But yes could be

Thank you Anne and Christine for your thoughts. I don't think my set has much age to it either and also has a very 'high gloss' finish which made it difficult to photograph - I am thinking 1950's at the earliest. Just my thoughts which may help pin it down.
Hil  :)

Could be earlier and possibly one of those patterns made for a long time. The design has much more in common with 1930s than 1950s. Do any of the pieces have a ground base rim?

Errm sorry but what does a 'ground base rim' look like? :-[

A ground rim is perfectly flat and may have tiny little chips along the edge when looked at though a lens. It may also be less than shiny. A unground rim, i.e., one straight out of the mould, is slightly rounded and shiny. It can help to give an idea of relative age; the more hand finishing the older the item, i.e., less automation. The two clear rims are on identical plates, except one has a ground rim and the other doesn't (Oh and the older one has its name stamped on it, so a different plunger as well). The green one has a ground rim as well.


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