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Blue Vase or Candlestick with white inner ID = Alsterfors


With all the recent debate about Holmegaard or Italian or perhaps Swedish Glass, here is another piece I have which I had assumed was Holmegaard but now am unsure. It is a signed piece but I cannot identify the signature. The piece is 3.75 inches tall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anne E.B.:
Hi John. Your candleholder/vase is by Alsterfors of Sweden, and the signature is for Per-Olof-Strom, (spelling?) who I have often seen referred to as Po Strom.  
Regards - Anne E.B. :)

Thank you for the information. I shall add it to my growing database of information on Scandinavian glass and investigate further. I need to get hold of some good reference material on Swedish and other Scandinavian glass.

John   :)  :)


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